Who will you meet at Denmark Demo Day?

Denmark Demo Day connects 150 of the best and brightest young investors from international and local top-tier VC firms, other investment entities and leading business angels. During the day, you will have the opportunity to meet other international and local Danish investors in curated and spontaneous networking meetings, while also engaging with Danish top-performing startups.


Young investors?

We believe that Europe lacks a gathering for the younger generation of investors. In our view, this predominantly encompasses people who have been working with startup investing (in VC or similar) for around five years and therefore have a lot in common with their direct peers from other funds and firms across Europe. We think that a meet-up like Denmark Demo Day bringing together investors from all over Europe will not only create good conversations around dealflow, managing portfolio companies and simply what the “talk of the town” in European tech is. It will also form the basis for even better understanding and stronger future relationships between you and the Danish top founders.

That being said, we know that ‘young’ is a relative term, so if you feel young at heart but have a lot of experience and are super interested in the Danish tech startup ecosystem, we will most certainly not exclude you. We only require that you are actually ready to invest in early-stage Danish tech startups.

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Matchmaking and Curated Meetings

Prior to the event, we will ask all participating investors to provide us with information regarding their sweet spot in terms preferred sectors, technologies, business models and stage along with their existing ties to Denmark. With this in hand, we will create personalized matches for you with both startups and local investors.

On top of that, we will send out a complete participant list (with name, title and company) to all participants. All investors will have the opportunity to book short meetings in private meeting rooms with startups and the other investors prior to the event.

At the event space there are plenty of meeting areas – both private meeting rooms and open areas with sofa lounges and an amazing terrace overlooking the Copenhagen waterfront. The BLOX building provides the ideal space for formal and spontaneous sparring between all participants.


"I have 3 goals for my first Denmark Demo Day. Finding a 5th outstanding Danish startup to get involved with after Corti, Peakon, Planday and Tonsser. Spending some good time with my friends from the local Tech community. Helping to promote an ecosystem, which is dear to me to whoever is joining DDD to discover it." – Guillaume Durao, Venture Partner at Idinvest Partners.

Already back in 2016, Guillaume wrote this piece about why he is investing in Danish startups and why he thinks you should do so too. Join him at Denmark Demo Day and receive some first-hand insights!

    Selection of attendees
  • The aim of Denmark Demo Day is to see more investments into pre-seed and seed stage Danish tech startups, hopefully through collaborative rounds including both local and international investors. We therefore only invite investors actively investing in these stages as well as in Series A.

    We aim to create an intimate and casual atmosphere with the best mix of people, which forms the basis for spontaneous yet productive meetings between like minded peers. We therefore reserve the right to offer tickets to relevant investors and decline applications from others.
  • Are you an international investor and interested in connecting with the best tech startups and investors Denmark has to offer on May 28th, 2019, in Copenhagen, Denmark, then apply for ticket now.

    Or are you a prolific Danish investor wanting to expand your network among international investors and get access to the best tech startups, then apply for ticket now.